1. Andre Luciano

    Andre LucianoPred 8 urami

    carry a sharpie and circle holes so you know which ones are which

  2. Minnesota Nice

    Minnesota NicePred 8 urami

    50 cent shot with 9mm not 45 acp he's walking around 🙄

  3. SymphonyRedPanda

    SymphonyRedPandaPred 8 urami

    imagine if the FBI got called in about an illegal's gun trade

  4. Minnesota Nice

    Minnesota NicePred 8 urami

    video starts 225

  5. tractorman 77

    tractorman 77Pred 8 urami

    10:17- when you want a gun that you can sword fight with

  6. Sean Man

    Sean ManPred 8 urami

    6:36 when no boolet in fps

  7. charlie

    charliePred 8 urami

    u should start brinnging markers so you know whar cal is what hole

  8. Peanut

    PeanutPred 8 urami

    13:03 aight Imma head out

  9. X Guy

    X GuyPred 8 urami

    *how many feathers would it take to stop a 50 bmg.*

  10. Fred Denton

    Fred DentonPred 8 urami

    I have been here since 1mill I watch all the time on my old kindle

  11. Whisp leach

    Whisp leachPred 8 urami

    Are we sure Matt doesn't secretly love High Point


    DRAGONMASTER 62Pred 8 urami

    What knife is that

  13. Lynda The Kitsune

    Lynda The KitsunePred 9 urami

    .458 socom beats this in every way

  14. Tony Dunham

    Tony DunhamPred 9 urami

    Hello from the future! WOW it's weird seeing the old range again

  15. Tim Loveland

    Tim LovelandPred 9 urami

    You should do this with ballistic jelly and see how it would fell hitting someone with a battery

  16. James R Agee

    James R AgeePred 9 urami

    So nobody gonna talk about the cigarette In the intro?

  17. Malgremor

    MalgremorPred 9 urami

    Shoulda brought the Hello Kitty AR-15...

  18. tractorman 77

    tractorman 77Pred 9 urami

    2:06- Kentucky defeated death for the second time!

  19. Terrance Wilhite

    Terrance WilhitePred 9 urami

    Next time show us how to defend against rabid easter bunnies.

  20. Rick

    RickPred 9 urami

    fill a steel house door or even a car door and test again!

  21. We All Like it So Milk It

    We All Like it So Milk ItPred 9 urami

    Now I understand why csgo is hard

  22. Leigh Ngo

    Leigh NgoPred 9 urami

    Smaller bricks are more dense, probably why they performed better

  23. simon Smith

    simon SmithPred 9 urami

    Sooooo how much is he invested in hi-point?

  24. System Failure-

    System Failure-Pred 9 urami

    Idk Matt I might need that acc if not at least subscribe to me

  25. We All Like it So Milk It

    We All Like it So Milk ItPred 9 urami

    Wife : "Disappointed Stare"

  26. canyoudigit9

    canyoudigit9Pred 9 urami

    It's so dry up here in Washington state that that video just started my yard on fire

  27. mert

    mertPred 9 urami

    AR: light,fast AK:heavy bullets,slower than the AR

  28. Mr.Man259

    Mr.Man259Pred 9 urami

    Women aren't cool.

  29. LegendaryLootForTheSoul

    LegendaryLootForTheSoulPred 9 urami

    You have chickens that make you eggs and you still bought 4 cartons of eggs just to crush them. What the fuck Matt, stop wasting food.

  30. cody wieling

    cody wielingPred 9 urami

    Should have a rod machined slighty bigger than the diameter of the barrel freeze it and heat the barrel to mate them together

  31. Mitch Payne

    Mitch PaynePred 9 urami

    Well now I gotta know, How many eggs to stop a bullet. I did a YT and Google search an dont look like anyone has done it yet. Are hard boiled eggs more bullet resistant than raw eggs? Enquiring minds want to know!

  32. Alex Cali

    Alex CaliPred 9 urami

    Hey Matt I would love to see you shoot ooblek. That’s not a typo, it’s a liquid when still, but turns to a solid when moving fast

  33. Aleksey M Reinoso

    Aleksey M ReinosoPred 9 urami

    Not the bear!

  34. Edward Mosley

    Edward MosleyPred 9 urami

    Why didn't you just turn them to the clean side???

  35. Sargun Singh

    Sargun SinghPred 9 urami

    pls dont get rid of your other guns i love al of them

  36. Cameron Carpenter

    Cameron CarpenterPred 9 urami

    Is this kid for real?

  37. Cap'N Kek

    Cap'N KekPred 9 urami

    sure the helmet is strong but I'm sure the users head will be pretty damaged from the blunt force trauma.

  38. Extra _virgin _olive_ _Oil

    Extra _virgin _olive_ _OilPred 9 urami

    "Everybody loves gear reviews" donut operator has entered the chat

  39. cody wieling

    cody wielingPred 9 urami

    Tap the entire length of a barrel and compare accuracy before and afterwards

  40. Mike Greer

    Mike GreerPred 9 urami

    So if i scrape the end of my 18” shotgun barrel on the ground and it shaves it down to 17.999 am i now a fellon ?

  41. Yawnay Brooks

    Yawnay BrooksPred 9 urami

    Shoot it 1 handed 😂😂

  42. Raymond Frank

    Raymond FrankPred 9 urami

    No other gun would stand up as well as those high points. Awesome guns.

  43. TheAnatomica

    TheAnatomicaPred 10 urami

    Nooo not Guns of Glory shiat...

  44. j a

    j aPred 10 urami

    I've personally been holding out for an AMT Longslide... but every time one shows up on Gunbroker, I very quickly get out bid. 🥺

  45. Jay Cassady

    Jay CassadyPred 10 urami

    In an odd turn bro who here would not want gold burg to do that jmap

  46. Akkagar Elo

    Akkagar EloPred 10 urami

    "he's achieved nothing." Whyd nick have to say it like that?

  47. Max

    MaxPred 10 urami

    its 2021, i need more 3 gun

  48. Joshua Clark

    Joshua ClarkPred 10 urami

    Been watching for years great channel. Amazing videos. Entertainment for years and years to come!

  49. Nick Smith

    Nick SmithPred 10 urami

    Obviously Matt is on the Hi Point payrol.

  50. KaiGuy123

    KaiGuy123Pred 10 urami

    “This stuff is weird” “So we’re gonna shoot it”

  51. Caleb Sowards

    Caleb SowardsPred 10 urami

    Idk. Hi point takes the W

  52. Shot Online

    Shot OnlinePred 10 urami

    He roughed up goldy for a vid with only 6.6mil views

  53. Dylan Blue

    Dylan BluePred 10 urami

    That's the gun that f up Kentucky ballistics

  54. Mason Hi do you to buy $15 1 and 26Tovar

    Mason Hi do you to buy $15 1 and 26TovarPred 10 urami

    The fourth one

  55. Caleb Sowards

    Caleb SowardsPred 10 urami

    Best video in a while

  56. FS_Juicy

    FS_JuicyPred 10 urami

    can we see it full

  57. Snow golmen

    Snow golmenPred 10 urami

    That helmet was ww2 German helmet

  58. Robert Lundberg

    Robert LundbergPred 10 urami

    Guld is not look like that

  59. Xanity

    XanityPred 10 urami

    Hey Matt! You should do a video on the “Byrna HD” non lethal pistol, they make some pretty unique rounds for it, I think it’d be an interesting video idea

  60. Wasteland Dan

    Wasteland DanPred 10 urami

    May have just bought me one of these. Wasnt planned. But it happened. But I got that 2% cash back, so we aight.

  61. joshua pendleton

    joshua pendletonPred 10 urami

    Omg love the edits

  62. ed graham

    ed grahamPred 10 urami

    Gotta get a sharpie and circle the holes

  63. christopher behrens

    christopher behrensPred 10 urami

    That is the same exact sword from Final Fantasy 7, Clouds sword.

  64. Skylar Kleinsasser

    Skylar KleinsasserPred 10 urami

    Is there a new Lego set in that because I will take it

  65. Chandler Carr

    Chandler CarrPred 10 urami

    Matt’s new gun is an airsoft gun on steroids.

  66. Shayna Procunier

    Shayna ProcunierPred 10 urami

    Git a 243

  67. Richard Merriam

    Richard MerriamPred 10 urami

    "Up next folks...PROPANE!!!!" I've seen it done way out in the desert from a LONG ways away. OK, on video...

  68. friggin amazing

    friggin amazingPred 10 urami

    this vid in another universe Matt: can a racist stop a bullet?

  69. James Frego

    James FregoPred 10 urami

    Shoot a flaming arrow at stuff including a hot air ballon or a blimp

  70. Curtis Shores

    Curtis ShoresPred 11 urami

    Worlds largest silencer.

  71. Lucas Machado

    Lucas MachadoPred 11 urami

    Do a nether spas 12 video

  72. Kent

    KentPred 11 urami

    He is 6’8???

  73. Cxntrol

    CxntrolPred 11 urami

    Is this a public range if so where is it

  74. christian clark

    christian clarkPred 11 urami

    I almost didn't watch the very end of the video

  75. Shane Clark

    Shane ClarkPred 11 urami

    Matt should be a stoner

  76. Drew Sizemore

    Drew SizemorePred 11 urami

    For a channel called DEMOLITION Ranch, you sure do collect a lot of intact projectiles.

  77. Aspencloud8 CSA

    Aspencloud8 CSAPred 11 urami

    Day 456 of asking Matt to shoot the cracked barrel gun

  78. traitorouskin

    traitorouskinPred 11 urami

    Yes.your right this is one of the coolest guns ever.